Sweatson Klank will release Path of an Empath, a captivating a collection of beautiful ambient compositions, next week.

Path of an Empath is as much introspective as it is cleansing, we’re told, and it’s aims to help sage away the stresses and struggles of 2020. It pays homage to the likes of ​Brian Eno, Hiroshi Yoshimura, Harold Budd​, and other ambient composers who paved the path before us.

Across six tracks, elements of environmental ambient, new-age, and melodic electronics gently reveal themselves through analog synthesizers, tape loops, and field recordings. It’s an album that “explores inner worlds through guided sound meditations,” we’re told.

“I made this record with the intention of offering a musical antidote to all the anxiety and suffering our own thoughts can put on us,” Sweatson Klank, real name Thomas Wilson, says. He describes it as a “tool to help us escape the prisons of our own minds, even if only temporarily.”

The album will also be available on ​vinyl​, an ultra limited run of 100 hand signed, hand numbered copies will be available exclusively on ​Sweatson Klank’s Bandcamp​.

For more information on Sweatson Klank and the gear behind his work, check out his XLR8R Studio Essentials feature here.


01. Form & Formless
02. Light Bridge
03. Ultra Marine
04. The Path of an Empath
05. Sitting by the Lake in Zurich
06. Rhythms in the Distance

Path of an Empath LP is scheduled for January 29 release. Meanwhile, you can pre-order here and stream “Ultra Marine” below.