Dev79 will release a new EP on Black Marble Collective, titled Can’t Fit In A Box.

Dev 79 is a Philadelphia-bred artist who has been DJing and producing for 20 years with roots in grime, jungle, ghetto-tech, and industrial. He weaves elements of a plethora of music styles into a tapestry of urban bass music that he, along with compatriot Starkey, have dubbed “Street Bass.” This latest effort, a four-tracker, was finished in his new home of Los Angeles but all themes relate to his Philly roots. 

The EP features “huge smacking basslines and melodies,” the label explains. “If you’re looking for tunes to impress, this has something for everyone, from hip-hop heads, footwork fans, club fiends, and even something for the underground rave, all twisted to the unique vision of Dev79.” 

Lead single “You & I Is Us” features Philly’s MC Elixir, who busts his deep raps over intricate beat chops and 160BPM bass. The EP’s other collaboration, “Emerald Tree Boa” with Dev79’s 160 Philly partner Sideswipe, has an old school rave and garage feel that will get dancefloors bumping. 


01. You & I Is Us ft. MC Elixir

02. 215 Alive

03. Emerald Tree Boa ft. Sideswipe

04. Where Kings Are Bred

Can’t Fit In A Box’ EP is available May 10 on all platforms, with clips here