Photo | Lisa McGee

Evan Caminiti is back with his follow up to 2017’s Toxic City Music, titled Varispeed Hydra.

Three years in the making, Varispeed Hydra was recorded utilizing a variety of electroacoustic processes and honed in live performances. While it thematically follows Toxic City Music, it moves past that album’s emphasis on the proverbial rat race to turn an ear towards more rural environs.

Across 10 tracks, Caminiti focuses on some of the sounds we stand to lose if we continue on our current trajectory of ecological destruction—birds, insects, and water nestle among the glowing synthesizers and warped electric guitar that comprise the album’s core.

Connecting a thread between musique concrète and dub, these sounds are atomized and diffused, before being “woven together with a sense of urgency, a colorful and restless haze,” the label explains. “Living in the wrong timeline, dreaming of possible utopias; Varispeed Hydra beams in like a collection of broken transmissions, terrestrial sounds melting into the abstract and rising again as vaporous specters.”


01. Hand In Flame
02. Plume
03. Radio Rome
04. Holo Dove
05. Morphogenesis
06. For Mika
07. Airlock
08. Russian Palm
09. Babylonians
10. Carnation

Varispeed Hydra LP is out April 3 via Dust Editions, with pre-order here. Meanwhile, you can stream “Hand in Flame” below.

Artwork | Michael Vallera and Zane Morris.