Photo: Jordan Morris

Dane Morris (a.k.a Great Dane) is back with the Respect: Self EP. 

Respect: Self was recorded over the last year at Morris’ home in LA’s Highland Park. Its making served as a means to explore the importance of self-preservation. “Since these are all instrumental tracks,” Morris explains, “the title is really the only thing that can bind them together with words. Respect: Self started as a mantra for my own life that I began to utilize a lot over the past year, so when this music started to feel ready to release, it seemed like a perfect message to relay to the world.”

We can expect four tracks filled with unbridled character and soulful resonance. It continues to usher in a new chapter for Morris and his ADBC Records imprint, following his last full-length album, Gamma Ray, and the recent “Drop Top” single. It’s a sound Morris has described as closest to his truest sense of self and intertwines with his love for hip-hop and electronic music. 

Respect: Self is out today on all digital platforms, with order here. A special release event will take place at Hypnothesis on May 23 in LA, a new residency Great Dane co-created that goes down at The Echo every month. A special line of EP-themed long sleeve tees and limited edition USBs will be available. 


01. Hyphy For No Reason

02. Me And You

03. Break Yo Self

04. Hypnopotamus