Los Angeles multi-instrumentalist Sam Gendel has been commissioned by filmmaker Daniel Oh to compose the music for his yet-to-be-released film, The Labyrinth & The Long Road.

Sam went to work on this score, composing a nine-piece record in which all of the sounds are made from his alto sax. The end result is Pass If Music, which Leaving Records will be releasing next week, February 24.

We’re told that nebulous, ambient saxophone tones sinew throughout the record, creating a meditative space for the listener and smooth companion for the film. It’s “a turn” from his previous 4444 record, but “maintains the ethereal energy of Sam’s music while shading a new side of his metaphysical explorations.”


01. Anemone Swerve
02. East LA Haze Dream
03. Coffee Mainframe Exercise
04. Trudge
05. Drowning Interlude
06. Hyena
07. REV
08. Final Chamber
09. ZeroZero

Pass If Music will land on February 24, with “Anenome Swerve” streaming in full via the player above.