Photo | Mark Bijasa

Los Angeles rapper The Koreatown Oddity, real name Dominique Purdy, will release his latest full-length, Little Dominque’s Nosebleed, on Stones Throw.

Little Dominque’s Nosebleed gives listeners insight into what it was like growing up black in Koreatown, Los Angeles, in the ’80s and how the neighborhood has changed over the years.

Across 16 tracks, Purdy shares the origin story of his spiritual awakening, the result of two car crashes. The first accident happened when he was five years old, rupturing a blood vessel in his nose that resulted in frequent nosebleeds. A couple of years later, another careless driver hit him and caused a broken leg and worsened the nosebleeds.

As Purdy explains, nothing quite gives perspective on life like brushing with death. “Experiencing these traumatic moments so early in my childhood allowed me to have a unique outlook on life… I have had a deep spiritual connection and awareness since the accidents and feel like it’s reflected in all of my work and in my life as a human being.”

The album showcases soulful loops, jazzy licks, comedy, obscure samples, and odd scenarios to communicate the enlightenment. It’s produced entirely by Purdy himself but features the people of his family and community. Guest artists include Sudan Archives, Anna Wise, Baby Rose, C.S Armstrong, and Fatlip.

A unique voice in the Los Angeles scene, The Koreatown Oddity’s music comes from a deeply personal place, telling stories of the city through the eyes of someone with deep roots in it. His last album on Stones Throw came with 2017’s Finna Be Past Tense.


01. Looking Back from the Future feat. Baby Rose, C.S. Armstrong
02. Little Dominiques Nosebleed Part 1 feat. Sudan Archives
03. Koreatown Oddity
04. Chase the Spirit feat. Jimetta Rose
05. Darknesses Interlude
06. Ginkabiloba feat. Taz Arnold
07. Weed in LA
08. Little Dominiques Nosebleed Part 2
09. A Bitch Once Told Me feat. Ahwlee
10. No Llores feat. Trenttruce, Edule, Emmanuel Coto
11. Attention Challenge Feat. Swift, Skyler Duf, Fatlip, Giovanni Marks, Nita Darling, Corrine Atkinson, Lewis
12. Kimchi
13. The World’s Smallest Violin feat. Jimetta Rose, Corrine Atkinson
14. We All Want Something feat. Anna Wise
15. Lap of Luxury feat. Qur’an Shaheed, Kintaro
16. Little Dominiques Nosebleed Outro

Little Dominique’s Nosebleed LP is out on vinyl and digitally on June 19. Meanwhile, you can pre-order over here at Bandcamp and hear “Attention Challenge” and “Kimchi” below.