Tsuruda has revealed a new 20-track collection, titled Internet Slaps Vol. 2

Self-released on Bandcamp, the new compilation follows the Los Angeles producer’s Courtesy Family LP from October 2018, Unlimited Data. It’s also a follow-on from November 2017’s Internet Slaps Vol. 1, which dropped as a digital-only compilation in November 2017.

Tracks cover a large terrain, including experimental bass music, abstract beats, soulful hip-hop instrumentals, and more. 

A sampler mix of Internet Slaps Vol. 2 is below with stream/purchase of the comp here


01. Crow

02. TFW you stand on the dj table [the final chapter]

03. I’m Still Here

04. Build A House 

05. Jefferson Park 

06. DC Boiz 

07. Shining Star 

08. Ode To Losco 

09. Bricks

10. Skeletons 

11. Devil Man

12. Horchata

13. TS 146

14. Apples

15. Taboo 

16. Money Gram

17. High Grade

18. M80 

19. FLX 

20. Baby Alien

Internet Slaps Vol. 2 is available now.