Callie Ryan has shared her latest release, Health, out today on Outside Insight.

Callie is a Los Angeles-based electronic musician and vocalist who creates textured compositions with “a vulnerable and intentional foundation while aiming to invoke feelings of tenderness and self-reflection.” She is a resident Dublab DJ and is currently working on her first score for Ladyworld, directed by Amanda Kramer. She’s now set to release her debut record, Health, described as “a tender meditation on loss and the resulting desire for comfort—be it familial, physical, emotional or romantic.”

Callie produced the EP in the wake of fracturing her collarbone in a car accident, while being supported her father through a cancer scare, and experiencing the extreme loss felt by her community following the Ghost Ship fire in Oakland. The lead single, “Paste”, was written as a response to both the lack of control felt following her car accident and the breadth of feelings found while falling in love with a new partner. The video, streaming above, is directed by Amanda Kramer, a highly influential filmmaker, musician, and founder of 100% Silk, and its sister label Not Not Fun. The project also includes an exclusive remix by Los Angeles’ Sage Caswell.


01. Are you comfortable?
02. Paste
03. Lord, are you sleeping?
04. Marie
05. Orange Notes
06. You’re in my gut now (Is it Popping?)
07. Femminile
08. Collarbone
09. Orange Notes [Sage Caswell Remix]

Health is out today, with the lead single streaming above.