Vancouver’s Loscil has launched the first vinyl pressing of his sophomore album, Submers

Originally released 16 years ago with Kranky, the album followed up conceptual-heavy debut Triple Point and added to Loscil’s reputation as an emerging voice in electronic music. Each track on Submers is named after submarines from the pioneering phase of the technology, sonically resonating with a reflection into the environments present during the first deep-sea voyages. Melding ambient and light percussive elements stretching into the realm of techno, the album’s texture is pulled from classical recordings processed and altered heavily. A 2LP version is now available across select record shops, with ordering options from Bleep here.  

I’m not one to wax nostalgic about my past work—I think many artists are the same way, your most recent work is your most important—but every now and then a bit of reflection is tolerable. Submers represents the early stages of Loscil as a project. It came together pretty quickly after my debut, Triple Point, and I recall trying to rapidly evolve the sound into something a little more dense and textured. I was searching for depth and this is where both the sonic qualities and the theme for the album came from. There is a certain innocent immaturity about this effort that helps and hinders Submers as an album. I can say I’m proud of it, but there’s also no way I would make this record today. On the 25th anniversary of Kranky as a label, I feel grateful to have this opportunity to reflect and see this album for what it is—a step on a path I’m still on. The fact that Kranky has interest in keeping this album alive is something I’m truly thankful for—even when fighting the urge to bury all my past works because there’s something I no longer identify with in the approach or the execution.” — Loscil 


01. Argonaut I

02. Gymnote

03. Mute

04. Nautilus

05. Diable Marin

06. Resurgam

07. Le Plongeur

08. Triton

09. Kursk

Submers is available now.