Lotic, the project of J’Kerian Morgan, will release her new album on Houndstooth in October.

Water, a “tender meditation on love’s losses” arrives at the end of a period Morgan recalls as “having to be adaptable, while being dragged through the trenches.” To arrive at Water meant to become like water.

To work on the album, Morgan dedicated two years to a deep, intentional process of surrendering to softness, welcoming impermanence, and embracing intimate relationships. We’re told that the music is defined by softened drums and a powdery warmth, and that each chapter unfolds as a symphonic sound poem.

From studying film and electronic music at the University of Texas at Austin, Morgan released her darkly complex debut EP, More Than Friends, in 2011, before moving to Berlin where she released mixtapes including Fallout (2013), Damsel in Distress (2014), Agitations (2015) and Heterocetera (2015). She released her debut album, Power, in 2018, transforming feelings of fear and vulnerability into a consolidation of personal strength.

Alongside today’s announcement, Morgan has shared “Come Unto Me,” which is the synchronous telling of a cherished partnership and a lament for its loss through time.


01. Wet
02. Emergency
03. Come Unto Me
04. Changes
05. Always You
06. Apart
07. A Plea
08. Oblivious
09. Diamond

Water LP is scheduled for October 29 release on Houndstooth. Meanwhile, you can stream “Come Unto Me” in full below and pre-order here.