Low Jack has released Jingles du Lieu-dit, a sequel to last year’s Riddims du Lieu-dit. 

Inspired by radio jingles, YouTube dembow mixes, and sound effects, the six-track release is the latest example of Low Jack’s alternative approach to dancehall and reggaeton that is also presented by his Les Disques De La Bretagne series, which includes releases from Clara!, Iueke, and Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement, his collaborative dark dub project with Vatican Shadow’s Dominick Fernow.

The release comes as a 300-edition clear vinyl, which includes an instant download dropped to your account.


A1. Shell

A2. More Speed 

A3. Dinner

B1. Lasers

B2. Find Them 

B3. Wheel

Jingles du Lieu-dit is out now, with “Find Them” streaming below.