Despite his reservations about making mix CDs, techno don Luciano has stepped up to tackle the latest installment in the Fabric CD series. “To me, mixing is about the live moments,” the Chilean-born producer explains. “It’s about the moment you live with the people. So to make a mix CD and already have a playlist in my head, it’s something that disturbs me.”

Nonetheless, Luciano has compiled just over an hour’s worth of music, most of it fitting nicely into the minimal techno category, which means there’s an endless supply of hooks, blips, and bleeps on tracks by the likes of Kenny Larkin, M83, Inner City, and Tiefschwarz. Pick up the mix on July 14 in the U.K. and August 5 in the U.S. via Fabric.

01 Rhadoo “Slagare”
02 Brothers’ Vibe “El Baile (Acapella)”
03 DJutz “You Momo”
04 Los Updates “Getting Late (Luciano’s Getting Late Remix)
05 Reboot “Be Tougher”
06 Alex Picone “Floppy”
07 Sety “Mogane (Guillaume & the Coutu Dumonts Remix)
08 Johnny D “Orbitalife”
09 Julien Jabre “Jungle Beatz”
10 M83 “In Church”
11 Inner City “Good Love (Luciano Remix)”
12 Phuture “Rise from Your Grage (Tiefshwarz Remix)”
13 Schneider, Galluzzi “Albertino”
14 DJulz “So You Know”
15 Kenny Larkin “You are Original”
16 Chymera “Arabesque”

Photo By Dirk Merten.