With his last globetrotting LP behind him, Chilean-Swiss producer Luciano fulfills the promise from our In the Studio feature of generating several new tracks which contain almost no kick drums. On the Cuidad de Luz EP, the lush synth stabs and dubby sympathies of past releases are certainly present, but they exist in a space that doesn’t necessarily include a dancefloor; in fact, a brief section of “House Tool’s House” is the only bit where four-to-the-floor comes in at all. However, this is not to say that these tracks don’t have some function in a club setting, as all four would work brilliantly as DJ tools or late-morning rooftop tracks.

Cuidad de Luz comes out May 3 on Cadenza.


A – Somewhere We Got
B – House Tool’s House
C – Behind My Soul
D – Melodrama