Each month our resident cycling fiend and S.F. DJ legend Toph One drops 13 bombs for your listening, watching, and wearing pleasure.

At least my last memory of Otto from our annual SnowCamp weekender back in March is true to form. It had been a typically robust few days of hard partying, loud music, and both indoor and outdoor sports. The big man was a bit gaunt due to chemotherapy, but there he was–always the most gracious host, ready with a handful of party favors and a huge warm hug. From the SummerCamp and SnowCamp weekends benefiting the Girls2000 program in Hunter’s Point to Kiva.org to the Power to the Peaceful Festival and a hundred other events, Otto’s boundless energy and giving nature makes him a never-ending example of a life well lived. And so there we were, the last of the savages, drinking red wine on a crisp Easter morn on a redwood deck at Tahoe. Onward, my brother–you are an inspiration to us all. Forever spreading joy–Otto Schutt, 2008.

1. Coppé Fi-Lamenté
Mango Sweet Rice/JPN/CD

Perfect music for an afternoon of planting succulents on the foggy hillsides of Twin Peaks! Just add wine and a little fungus and you’ve got yourself a time. Coppé is an odd and delicious little nymph making fun, bubbly music for the aforementioned activities.

2. Cosmic Rocker Action Breaks EP
Black Bridge/US/download

All the jazzy, organic, and electro-funk breaks and beats we’ve come to expect from Codek’s Sasa Crnobrnja, only this time for Boulder’s Black Bridge label. Lovely and infinitely rockable, but where’s the vinyl?

3. Train on the Brain
MJW Productions/CAN/DVD

Gutter punks and old hobos and yard bulls and nudity amidst America’s rolling stock of freight trains? Sounds good to me!

4. 60HZ Featuring Ce’Cile “Bad Girl”
Ninja Tune/UK/7

Throbbing, spaghetti-Western ragga riddim for Ce’Cile to make pretty over. For the dancefloor, but with a sinister edge.

5. Chico Mann Analog Drift

Laid back, Afro-Latin goodness from this Antibalas side-project of sorts. Loungy, languid summertime tunes for outdoor dining or rooftop cocktails. Niiiice.

6. De Leon De Leon

From the same cultural blender that gave us Gogol Bordello and Dengue Fever comes the Spanish/Jewish/Brooklyn mash that is Daniel Saks’ visionary band De Leon. At times rocking the Casbah (“La Serena”), sometimes channeling David Byrne (“Almond Trees”), and sometimes just wonderfully weird (“La Vida Do Por El Raki”), this is one band to behold.

7. Space Funghi Project “Elektrik Psilosybe Experience”

Another one for Otto. Weird, psych-jazz-funk freak-out music for veteran astronauts. A little bit cosmic lounge, a little bit nutter fandango–it’s like spending 24 hours with our dear friend!

8. Cadence Weapon Afterparty Babies

It’s like Top’R rhyming over club bangers! “Tattoos” and “House Music” are the bombs, but there’s plenty more to keep you interested from this Canadian wordsmith.

9. Padded Cell “Word of Mouth”

This was already a standout track from the Night Must Fall LP, but now with the Glimmers’ Disko Drunkards Dub aimed squarely at the dirtiest of late-night dancefloors, it’s worth another listen.

10. Azeem Air Cartoons

There aren’t too many MCs of Azeem’s stature who would fuck with new-school beatmakers like Bassnectar and DJ Aneurysm–and even fewer who are dope enough to make the pairings succeed. Also in the house are Meat Beat Manifesto, DJ Zeph, DNAE Beats, and a pair of gems by DJ Spin. Wicked good.

11. South Rakkas Crew “Mad Again (Remixes)”
Mad Decent/US/12

Oh, the kids like it hard! Boy 8-Bit, Fake Blood, and Drop the Lime push the bpms and the acid-fuzz for the full warehouse sound. Is electro-ragga a genre yet? Does it need to be? Just enjoy.

12. Various Artists Tried to Give a Damn, Couldn’t Give a Shit

From the fine folks at Compression SF comes a heavyweight drum & bass mix featuring Aye~N and The Colonel MC. Fast and hard is how they bring it, and they do it well. Worth tracking down for the cover photo by merkley??? alone.

Lucky 13. Little Zero
US/t-shirt line

City bikers, DJs, and designers Emdee and Steve “Ramblin Worker” MacDonald have created some fine tees for the funky peeps and connoisseurs of the art form. You probably need the 3-D Bike and the Exploding Alphabet varieties. I know I do.

Pictured: Cadence Weapon.