The LuckyMe label/collective will issue the debut full-length release from Claude Speeed next month, a 14-track endeavor entitled My Skeleton. Having been involved with futurist rock outfits Russia and AmericanMen in the past, Speeed has been a longstanding force in Scotland’s experimental music scene; he was also invited to participate in the 2011 Red Bull Music Academy session in Madrid. His upcoming debut solo LP is said to have been recorded with very minimal equipment while Speeed travelled around the Far East, after having suffered a loss in his family. The record is then said to have been finished off back in Europe with trips to both the Sunwheel II studio in Berlin as well as Hudson Mohawke’s studio in London helping complete the process.

Described as “a deliberate, dreamlike work about structures, economy, memory, and loss,” Claude Speeed’s My Skeleton album will see its official release on July 28. In the meantime, the record’s full tracklist and artwork have been included below along with a video for sweeping album cut “Tiger Woods.”

01 Washaa
02 My Skeleton
03 Some Other Guy
04 Tiger Woods
05 Taj Mahal
06 Field
07 Spectral Choir
08 Viscount Stair
09 An Imperial Message
10 Prove You Exist
11 Hold On ft LW