Lucy and Rrose will soon release a collaborative EP, entitled The Lotus Eaters.

Whereas many electronic producers aim at being the most prolific in their genre, Lucy and Rrose have chosen to be the most consistently curiosity-provoking representatives of their craft. Their decision to team up as a production duo for the newest Stroboscopic Artefacts EP may have seemed inevitable given their shared responsibility for shifting techno’s focus towards the facilitation of profound psycho-acoustic effects. And yet, even those who saw this coming will still be in for a ride.

Lucy’s skill as a studio technician—displayed over his trilogy of full-length albums—has always been enhanced by his skill as a storyteller and as an artist with reverence towards myths and the pull of the unknown. This sonic personality is a perfect complement to the scientific severity of Rrose, whose project was born in 2011 with a string of releases on the now decommissioned Sandwell District label.

As with both of the artists’ solo offerings, these recordings feel as much like the branching off point for new creative acts rather than as objects to be passively enjoyed. As such, the opening “Chloroform” is a somewhat ironic title for a piece that is anything but anaesthetic: at high volumes, its monstrous low-end surge and prickly, scintillating sonic ephemera are likely to bring attention to otherwise imperceptible phenomena. “Peeling” continues in this style with a more urgent tempo, developing its own cascade of sensory impressions from seemingly unstable deep-bass loops and injections of intentional surface noise.

“Stained Glass,” perhaps the most straight-ahead piece on the record, is still a potent distortion of the mundane primed with shivering bell tones, tamed feedback and hints of speaker cones fraying. The climactic “Foil Gardens” is an elegant study in harmonics with nods to the works of composers like Charlemagne Palestine or Eliane Radigue.


A1 / 01. Chloroform
A2 / 02. Peeling
B1 / 03. Stained Glass
B2 / 04. Foil Gardens

The Lotus Eaters EP is scheduled for October 21 release.