Pact Infernal‘s debut EP release The Descent [Chapter I] arrived in early 2015 on Samurai Horo. A slow flock of unexpected, but very welcomed, fans from outside of the label’s normal market began to build. One of the more exciting admirers of the EP was Berlin-based Lucy who offered to rework Chapter I into his own stylistic interpretations.

The resultant two remixes incorporate elements from all four tracks on the first EP into two long pulsing, hypnotic grooves. If subtlety was the main instrument of the originals, Lucy’s versions refine that instrument into a new form and sprinkle carefully plucked references delicately around his sinuous rhythms.

Ahead of the remix EP’s November 6 release, XLR8R spoke with Samurai Music Group’s Geoff Presha, to learn more.

Samurai Music Group started originally as a drum & bass label in 2007. What prompted you to expand into other genres with Samurai Red Seal and Samurai Horo, which will be releasing remixes of Pact Infernal by Stroboscopic Artefact’s Lucy?

The label’s releases have all followed my personal taste and DJ sets, and my early experiences as a DJ were multi-genre so it felt natural to start releasing the other music types that I have always enjoyed and played. Although the Lucy remixes will be the first techno record we have released, we have been releasing music on the edges of genres for five years or so. Several artists involved with me and Samurai have been experimenting with our own take on techno for a while now, so this record comes at a perfect time.

How did you meet Lucy and how did the remixes come into fruition?

I met Lucy briefly once when he came to our label night in Berlin. The remixes came into fruition by Lucy sending me an email of support for the label’s releases earlier this year, which was a very nice email to receive as I had been a fan of his work for some time. Lucy said he was interested in being involved with a project and we spoke about remixes. We sent him a load of our releases, and he picked our Pact Infernal record and said he would like to work on remixes of those tunes. What we got back was really amazing. He took elements from each of the four tunes and made two mammoth remixes.


A / 01 The Descent [Chapter 1] (Lucy Cosmic Remix)

B / 02 The Descent [Chapter 1] (Lucy Subterranean Remix)