Yotam Avni will return to Lucy‘s Stroboscopic Artefacts for the third time with a new solo EP, Perlude To Dybbuk.

The Tel-Aviv centred Yotam Avni officially joined forces with Stroboscopic Artefacts in 2016, turning in a sensual an invigorating entry for the Monad series, namely Monad XXII. Thanks to his personalized fusion of esoteric and worldly sound elements, Avni returned with Tehillim—and now he’s set to release Perlude To Dybbuk.

As with Avni’s previous Monad contribution, the new Perlude to Dybbuk makes references—both in title and in sonic content—to the ancient Hebrew folklore of his homeland (a “dybbuk” being a kind of limbonic spirit attaching itself to the body of a living human until it has successfully reached its final destination).

The three-track release will be the second Stroboscopic Artefacts release to feature a new artwork design from the label’s Oblique Artefacts team that’s based on imagery of scanned foliage. It follows Alessandro Adriani‘s Entire The Fire EP from last month.


A. Avka (New Life)
B1. Dybbuk
B2. Modern Matters

Perlude To Dybbuk will land on January 19, with “Modern Matters” streaming in full below.