Photo | Sven Marquardt

Luke Slater has mixed the next entry in Ostgut Ton‘s Berghain mix series.

The mix celebrates the series’ 15-year anniversary, and in doing so, Ostgut Ton has skipped ahead a few numbers from Vatican Shadow’s Berghain 09 mix, which came out last year.

Slater, a regular at the Ostgut-affiliated Berghain, has gone through the complete Ostgut Ton discography, starting at the beginning in 2005, to create new compositions from previous releases, chopping, looping, tweaking, and deploying sounds into a 130-minute mix that is both a “playful retrospective” of the label and a “future-facing vision for mixing and dance music,” we’re told.

“From micro-sampled noise and hi-hats to longer basslines, breaks, and vocals snippets, the 15-year arc of the label history can be found in Berghain Fünfzehn,” Ostgut Ton says.

Slater describes the technique as “rip the cut.” He worked chronologically through the catalogue, creating new individual tracks from multiple batches of 10 releases. While mixing these together, however, Slater departs from the linear timeline to intertwine the sonic strands of Ostgut Ton’s history.

Following the mix, seven of the exclusive tracks will be released on two 12”s for streaming and digital download.

Berghain Fünfzehn is out on April 3 as a free download. The tracklisting is still to be announced.