Luke Slater, Steve Bicknell, and Dave Sumner (Function) will soon release a debut EP as LSD, titled Process.

LSD is an ongoing musical collaboration between longtime electronic music innovators Luke Slater, Steve Bicknell, and David Sumner focusing on psychedelic aspects of techno while emphasizing the cross-pollination of each member’s style and rhythmic sensibility.

Personal ties between the three can be traced back across continents and developments in dance music, with Steve first inviting Luke to play his legendary LOST party series in London in the early ’90s, resulting in mutual remixes for pioneering techno imprints Cosmic Records and Nova Mute. Almost a decade later in the year 2000, Dave, a native New Yorker, befriended Steve after inviting him to play Limelight in Manhattan. Over the years, Dave and Luke would also have numerous encounters, first forming a musical bond in 2009, with Dave later co-producing Luke’s early L.B. Dub Corp material (Roller; 2013).

The seed for LSD was planted later during a mutual gig at the Moulin Rouge, Paris in July 2015 in support of Function’s Berghain 07 mix. There the trio exchanged thoughts on a collaboration that would blur the line between DJing and live performance, with each member manipulating separate elements and tracks to unpredictably construct and deconstruct the whole. Originally planned as a one-off closing set at Berghain on July 17, 2016, the trio has since decided to continue developing their brand of lysergic machine music with their first three-track 12”.


A1. Process 1
A2. Process 2
B. Process 3

Process EP will land on November 17 via Ostgut Ton, with clips streaming below.