Luke Slater will release a new EP under his Planetary Assault Systems alias on his Mote-Evolver imprint, titled Deep Heet Vol.4.

Since 2006, the Deep Heet series of recordings has shown the public an especially distinctive side of the production work of Planetary Assault Systems. With a unique “engine room” ambiance and a focus upon maintaining a continual surge of pure energy, each volume in the collection has lived up to that title.

It’s only appropriate, then, that the 50th overall release on Mote-Evolver should also be the fourth overall volume of Deep Heet.

We’re told that the set of four highly concentrated cuts shows how effective Planetary Assault Systems can be at “fueling the imagination by fusing together rhythmic and incidental elements into a unified, animated meshwork, without even a prominent melody to help out.”


A1 / 1. Desert Races
A2 / 2. Life Rhythm
B1 / 3. Random Kingdom
B2 / 4. Lazer Organical

Deep Heet Vol. 4 EP is scheduled for October 13 release, with “Random Kingdom” streaming in full below.