Veteran house giants Luke Solomon and Derrick Carter (pictured above) had let their collaborative imprint, Classic Music Company, ostensibly lay dormant since last releasing material back in 2005. Now, citing a resurgence of quality house music, the two have decided to resurrect the imprint from its “mini-hiatus,” starting off by rereleasing the label’s entire back catalogue in three spurts of remastered digital glory. That back catalogue, mind you, is no trivial matter, comprised of classic material from the likes of Isolee, Ewan Pearson, Iz & Diz, Tiefschwarz, Freedom Five, and, of course, Mr. Carter himself, among others. In order to not overwhelm us with too much material, the remastered back catalogue will be available digitally in three separate batches on April 4, April 25, and May 16. Each batch is said to consist of over 30 original EPs as well as a host of remixes and unreleased material. Quite a lot of tunes to dive into, so below we’ve posted a stream of a tune from Carter’s classic Squaredancing In a Roundhouse to get you started on the right track.