Many folks only associate Luke Solomon with his work in London-based disco-funk band Freaks, but the Classic Recordings co-founder, DJ, and band member is also a ridiculously talented producer. Just listen to the “Ghouls” single on Matt Edwards’ Rekids imprint for proof. And in the spirit of this single, Solomon has also announced his first full-length as a solo artist, The Difference Engine (Rekids).

Set for release in January 2008, Solomon’s entrance into the long-player fleet is a necessary decision. “Lyrically and musically, the album deals with pretty much a whole range of personal emotions: the trials and tribulations of life, careers, and getting older,” says Solomon. “For me, music is about taking inspiration from the past and using it with the present in order to move forward. It is not about following trends and fashions. It is not about copying what has been done already.”

We caught up with London’s most motivated producer to see what tracks helped inspire The Difference Engine.

Luke Solomon Top Ten
1. Jjak Hogan “Devo (Freaks Remix)” Rekids
2. Green Velvet “Time to Jak” Cajual
3. Daniel Iddon “A New Beginning” Classic
4. Supermayer “Letting Go (Ewan Pearson Dub)” Kompakt
5. Luke Solomon “Spirits (Prins Thomas Remix)” Rekids
6. Radiohead “Weird Fishes (Edit)” white
7. Luke Solomon “The Darkest Secret/Space Invaders (Andomat Remix)” Rekids
8. Freaks “Zombies” CDR
9. Andomat “BND2” Four Twenty Recordings
10. Etienne Jaumet “Repeat Again (âme Remix)” Versatile

The Difference Engine Tracklisting
1. The Difference Engine
2. The Beat Goes
3. Robots
4. People, Places, Thoughts, and Faces
5. Skins
6. Top, Bottom (Version)
7. Martin, A Cello, and Me
8. Out of Control
9. Spirits
10. Open Fire
11. The Darkest Secret
12. Junkies and Whores
13. Liquid