Luke Vibert will break out his rarely sighted Kerrier District alias on an upcoming full-length for Hypercolour. The veteran UK producer debuted on the label with the Ridmik LP (released under his own name) in 2014, which marked one of his most active years to date. But while Vibert’s penchant for acid is well-known, his output as Kerrier District tends more toward funk and disco, as seen on two previous EPs and a self-titled album for Rephlex. His forthcoming 4 LP was reportedly inspired by Black Devil’s 1978 cult classic—the Disco Club LP—and comprises “a glorious collage of samples, old skool drum loops, and large doses of acid funk and deep electronic disco.”

4 is officially due out on April 6, and a complete tracklist can be found below. (via Resident Advisor)

01. Discogram
02. It’s the Disco
03. Techno Disco
04. London Groove
05. Funky Train
06. Treacle Tits
07. Brush the Bush
08. Discotron
09. Discuntek
10. Sexspurt
11. Live Disco
12. Come On Kerrier