It seems like ages since Luke Vibert dropped Kerrier District 2 on Rephlex, and the techno veteran is back, this time with a release for the Planet Mu imprint. For Chicago, Detroit, Redruth, Luke’s trademark acid-style production remains, but the album also sees intricate piano melodies, church organs, and shades of (dare I say it) free jazz and even lounge-oriented disco. As usual, Vibert has tossed the masses another diverse piece of electronic mastery.

Chicago, Detroit, Redruth is out now on Planet Mu.

1. ComfyCozy
2. Brain Rave
3. Radio Savalas
4. Breakbeat Metal Music
5. God
6. Clikilik
7. Argument Fly
8. Rotting Flesh Bags
9. Comphex
10. Rapperdacid
11. Chicago, Detroit, Redruth
12. Swet