Ninja Tune has announced plans to release an LP of previously unreleased drum & bass tracks from Luke Vibert‘s long-dormant Plug moniker. The name Plug has only ever had one LP attributed to it, Drum & Bass for Papa, a record which proved rather influential when it originally saw release back in 1996. Now, more than 15 years later, Vibert is finally set to issue a follow-up to that album, Back On Time, an LP made up of 12 tracks which were lying dormant on a few DAT tapes until they were rediscovered by their creator some time last year. This time-travelling excursion through sample-infused, off-the-wall jungle hits the streets on January 24, but in the meantime, you can check the artwork and tracklist below, and head here to grab a free download of album cut “Feeling So Special.”

01 Scar City
02 Feeling So Special
03 Come On My Skeleton
04 No Reality
05 A Quick Plug For a New Slot
06 Mind Bending
07 Back On Time
08 Yes Man
09 Drum N Bass
10 Flight 78
11 Run
12 Get Out My Face