If you’re outside of Denmark, chances are, you haven’t yet heard of Lulu Rouge. Bless You should ensure you will by the end of June. The duo’s debut album has already jumped to number one in their homeland, won the approval of Trentemøller, and will be released June 9 via the Copenhagen-based Music for Dreams imprint.

Bouncy, happy dance music this is not. Rather, DJ T.O.M. and DJ Buda have crafted an album of rumbling synths and basslines deep as a bottomless pit, and if the eerie vocals–provided by Danish Music Awards nominee Mikael Simpson–on the title track are anything to go by, this will definitely be an album fit for the darkest hours of the morning.

01 Malankoli feat. Alice Carreri
02 Lulu’s Theme feat. Trentemøller
03 Bless You feat. Mikael Simpson
04 Ninna Nanna feat. Anders Trentemøller & Alice Carreri
05 Thinking of You feat. Tuco
06 Runaway Boy feat. Alice Carreri
07 Sweeter Than Sweet feat. Mikael Simpson & Alice Carreri
08 Pitch Black
09 End of the Century feat. MC Jabber
10 Slow Pigeon

Photo by Mike Sheridan.