While we’ve seen his other monikers crop up here and there over the last few years, it’s been a long time since Sasu Ripatti released any new material under his alias Luomo. Finally, three year’s after his album The Present Lover dropped, the Finnish house producer has announced a third Luomo album due later this fall.

Paper Tigers is another trip through the dreamy, dubby house Ripatti is so well known for. The album sees more vocal contributions from his longtime collaborating partner Johanna Ilvanainen, whose ethereal voice has become a necessary element in Luomo tracks, and also a vocal appearance from AGF.

Paper Tigers is out October 16 on Huume Recordings.

1. Paper Tigers
2. Really Don’t Mind
3. Let You Know
4. The Tease Is Over
5. Cowgirls
6. Good To Be With
7. Dirt Me
8. Wanna Tell
9. Make Believe