Seattle-based producer Jeff McIlwain (a.k.a. Lusine) is set to release his third full-length record via Ghostly, a 10-track offering called The Waiting Room. McIlwain’s forthcoming record is said to be a gentle fusion of electronic pop and experimental dance music, as fully evidenced by the album’s first leak, “Another Tomorrow.” Streaming below, the latest production from Lusine showcases the brighter tendencies of his record, and features carefully rationed and fuzzy vocals, warm, swelling synths with cinematic dynamics, and ’80s-inspired toms. You can check out the full tracklist and artwork for The Waiting Room before it drops on February 19.

1. Panoramic
2. Get the Message
3. Lucky
4. On Telegraph
5. Another Tomorrow

6. Without a Plan
7. First Call
8. By This Sound
9. Stratus
10. February