Lusine will release a new album this March.

Seattle-based musician Jeff McIlwain (a.k.a. Lusine) has announced that he will release his fourth full-length with Ghostly International later this year. Known for blurring the lines between techno, electro-pop and experimental genres, Lusine’s forthcoming Sensorimotor will be no different. The imprint describes the album as “visceral,” made up of music that merges “the digital world with the real world.” Lusine calls on several collaborators for a handful of tracks: Benoît Pioulard, Vilja Larjosto and his wife, Sarah McIlwain.

On the release, McIlwain stated: “I suppose the concept behind Sensorimotor pulls from a special kind of double meaning of the word. The literal, to me, is the integration of your senses with actions, like with birds and how they move so fluidly in flocks. It’s just fascinating how their brains are able to comprehend such quick actions collectively at once. The symbolic is a bit harder to put into words. I guess it’s just the concept of figuring out how much control you have over your artistic output.”

Sensorimotor will be released March 3. Stream “Just A Cloud (feat. Vilija Larjosto)” in full below.


01. Canopy
02. Ticking Hands (feat. Sarah McIlwain)
03. Slow Motion
04. Just A Cloud (feat. Vilja Larjosto)
05. The Level
06. Witness (feat. Benoît Pioulard)
07. Chatter
08. Won’t Forget (feat. Vilja Larjosto)
09. Flyway
10. Tropopause
11. The Lift