Bringing his San Francisco Mission District’s roots with him to Brooklyn, multi-instrumentalist Luz Fleming (a.k.a Luz Mob) is taking the underground by storm with a danceable mix of Latin-jazz reggae. Fleming’s marriage of electronic beats, live instrumentation, and sensational rhythmic variations–which encompass everything from cumbia and bachata to dub, reggae, jazz, and soul–set the tone for Luz Interpretations (Crystal Top), an album of eclectic sounds that include Jackie Mittoo and two-tone artists The Selector, as well as Fillmore hip-hop producer J.T. Tha Bigga Figga.


You heard right, Fleming is not shy about his broad music roots, and he’s talented enough to put his own non-traditionalist jazz spin on them. That fact led one blogger to gush recently, “I’m not usually one for instrumentals, but Luz Mob is fucking awesome. It’s hip-hop for the ballroom dancing set–reggae to dub, jazz to hip-hop, the album’s got it all, really.”

Studying under musical heavyweights such as Reggie Workman and Bill Dixon, Fleming was influenced not only by improvisation and performance, but also by the hip-hop that surrounded his younger days in the Mission. This all seeps out on Luz Interpretations, from his alto and baritone saxophone and bass clarinet constructions, to more dub- and hip-hop-rooted electronic production. For the adventurous, globe-trotting listener, or even us homeboys in the barrio, Luz Mob is some next ish!