Three years after their debut collaborative album Routes was released via Keysound, London-based production duo LV and Benin City frontman Josh Idehen have come together for a new LP. The forthcoming record, Islands, is built around Idehen’s personal narrative, drawing in part from the poet and rapper’s experience of moving from London to Nigeria and back again, while LV supplies a grime-indebted, dancefloor-oriented backdrop of hardware synth jams and live drums. Before Islands lands on September 15, album single “Imminent” (which initially saw release via Keysound back in May), can be heard below, where a full tracklist has also been included.

01. New Pen
02. Run Down
03. Obsessed
04. Imminent
05. Talk Trim
06. Mistakes
07. Shake
08. Shudder
09. Make It Count
10. That Old Darkness
11. Double-Decker Back Seat
12. Out of the Blue
13. Waiting For The Night
14. Angry Hiss
15. Island