Lyra Pramuk has unveiled her debut album, Fountain, out March 20 on Bedroom Community.

Pramuk, an American operatically-trained vocalist and electronic musician known for her work with musical collaborators such as Holly Herndon and Colin Self, created the entire album using her own voice, shaping it with electronics. Its title is derived from her family name, Pramuk, which translates from Czech as “well spring” or “fountain.”

The Iceland label describes the album as “an emotional, sensual, and devotional journey.” Often wordless, the songs “evoke a new wholeness sustained by the ritual force of drowning, immersion, cleansing, and bathing,” which is also referred to in the album artwork by visual artist Donna Huanca.

Fountain’s completion culminated in the live premiere of the album material at Unsound Festival in Krakow in 2019, where she performed through a multi-channel array designed by Ben Frost, opening for Sunn O))) and Roly Porter. A closer collaboration with Frost on a soundtrack for a new film project will be announced later in 2020.


01. Witness
02. Tendril
03. Xeno
04. Mirror
05. Cradle
06. Gossip
07. New Moon

Fountain LP is out on March 20. Meanwhile, you can stream “Tendril” and pre-order the album here.