M.E.S.H. will soon release a new LP on PAN.

Hesaitix will be the Berlin-based DJ-producer’s second album on the label, following on from 2015’s Piteous Gate. He released the Damaged Merc EP last year.

In contrast, Hesaitix is marked by its “hyper-ornamented rhythms and a sense of pensive, moonlit spaces,” the label explains. “The atmosphere has shifted; the radical deconstruction of previous releases has given way to subtler interventions, building new structures in strange territories.”


01. Nemorum Incola
02. Mimic
03. Blurred Cicada I
04. 2 Loop Trip
05. Search. Reveal.
06. Privileged Lord
07. Coercer
08. Blurred Cicada II
09. Signal Ride Drum
10. Diana Triplex
11. Ihnaemiauimx

Hesaitix LP will land on November 10, with “Search. Reveal.” streaming in full below.