Photo | Marie Staggat

Maayan Nidam will release a new album as The Waves.

Nidam, a staple of the Perlon label and founder of Hellium, has previously released as The Waves once before, in 2014 as part of a collaborative EP on Wolf + Lamb with Markus Nikolaus and Louis McGuire. The sound is inspired by punk and psychedelic rock, and it places Nidam’s vocals front and centre.

māyā, taken from the Sanskrit word for “illusion” or “deceit,” comprises six tracks of pop, indie, and new wave. Nidam sings on five, and there’s one finishing instrumental jam.

The record launches Cool Mom Records, Nidam’s new label.

For more information on Nidam, read William Ralston‘s moving profile piece.


A1. I’m Still Here
A2. Keep Praying
A3. Today
B1. It Hurts Me
B2. Drive
B3. Into You

māyā LP is scheduled for December release. Meanwhile, you can stream clips below.