Hotflush has announced the arrival of a second full-length from Sepalcure, the American duo made up of Travis “Machinedrum” Stewart and Praveen “Braille” Sharma.

Arriving four and a half years after their acclaimed debut 11-track album, Folding Time is a singular and tender statement that lands in May 2016.

The album, written over many bottles of whiskey, is made up of brand new music, but also tracks that have been worked on, forgotten, then revived over many years.

Its title comes from the fact that, “it felt like we were connecting the present with the past. Going through each session was like digging through old memories.”

Stylistically, of course, this pair have very different musical DNAs, but that means studio work cooks up many surprises along the way and results in an album that is awash with everything from field recordings to guitars and electric piano. It is a mix of playing and programming, has many multi-layered tracks full of intimate and personal easter eggs and is, essentially, “two homies hanging out and having fun; a meeting of our minds.”


01. Fight For Us
02. Not Gonna Make It
03. Devil Inside
04. No Honey
05. Been So True
06. Hearts In Danger
07. Loosen Up
08. Dub Of
09. Brother Forest
10. Hurts So Bad
11. Ask Me

Hotflush will release Folding Time on May 20.