Travis Stewart has a lot on his hands lately, what with his recent Sepalcure release for Hotflush, that awesome Machinedrumremix he did for Jimmy Edgar, and that mixtape he made to tip us off to the forthcoming release he’s been working on for LuckyMe. We’ve been covering it all thoroughly enough, so we thought it appropriate enough to let you know a preview of that EP, Many Faces (a record split between the producer’s takes on electro, hip-hop, ghetto house, and juke), and a free download from the release are available for you to check out now. Head over to to download the track “Let Me F_ck It,” and you can peep the artwork, track list, and LuckyMe’s teaser for Many Faces before its released August 16, below.

1. Sakatak
2. Mean Mean
3. Carry The Weight
4. It’s That Bass
5. Make Me
6. Lemme F_uck It
7. Carry The Weight (Bok Bok Remix) [Digital Exclusive]

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