Continuing his reign as the underground’s most consistent and chameleonic musicmaker, Machinedrum has announced the release of his “What Is This” single featuring Rosie Lowe on Ninja Tune.

The track picks up where the Los Angeles producer left off on April’s “U Betta,” melodies programmed with precision and percussion snaking in and out quick enough to give you whiplash — but the exercise is decidedly sleeker with Lowe’s vocals in the mix.

On the track and his collaboration with Rosie Lowe, Machinedrum says:

“Rosie and I originally wrote this tune a few years ago in a London studio. It was originally quite somber and slow moving, a song about learning to trust the ones you love and to let go of jealousy. It also deals with obsession and all the confusing emotions you get when you first fall in love. When I was working on Human Energy, I pulled up the vocals from that session and decided to give them new life. We are so happy to finally share this very special song with the world!”

“What Is This,” like “U Betta,” is part of a string of new tracks to be released in 2017 in the wake of last year’s Human Energy.

“What Is This” feat. Rosie Lowe is out now on Ninja Tune.