BBE‘s Beat Generation series more or less put the label on the map, giving producers like Jay Dee, Marley Marl, Pete Rock, and (whose offering was surprisingly solid) free reign to put out whatever creations they could concoct. Over the years, the series gained praise for helping highlight the production prowess of some overlooked-at-the-time folks (Jay Dee, DJ Jazzy Jeff), but it also garnered not-undue criticism for putting out what amounted to glorified beat tapes (*ahem* Marley Marl).

So who better to put the final nail in the Beat Generation coffin than Madlib, who certainly has enough throwaway beats sitting around to overload an indie label? Sonically, you should know what to expect by now. As for a title and release dateā€¦ those haven’t been set yet, but there’s got to be a week somewhere this year that doesn’t have a Madlib release scheduled, so it’ll probably come out then. Stay tuned.