Madrid-based electro label Fundamental Records have released a new Microlith (a.k.a Rhys Celeste) album to mark the anniversary of his passing.

February 26 marks one year since Rhys Celeste died in a tragic road accident. A few weeks before his death, Celeste sent Fundamental Records almost 40 unreleased tracks, described as his “best work.” The label releases only full albums in vinyl format but will release this one digitally for free aiming to achieve the greatest possible exposure—so now you can download the complete album and also a bonus folder with artwork, the original info-sheet, and some photos.

The album will land under Rhys Celeste’s own name, with a title of Microlith.

“Rhys Celeste (a.k.a Microlith passed away on February 26. 24 years old.

“The fatal weekend when Rhys lost his life I was mastering the tracks for his release in Fundamental Records. Rhys sent me the tracks only a few days before. He kept about 40 untitled tracks for Fundamental Records and together we selected a perfect tracklist for the album. I was with all these melodies in my head all that weekend, I remember perfectly that feeling. Today I still have that special sensation that you can feel in all tracks composed by Rhys, something nostalgic with a big dose of happiness and hope in every note. When I was mastering his tracks I was like a young kid with a new record in my hands, each track is great, even the interludes are very special compositions.

“I am sure the people who support the projects we release in Fundamental Records will support this album not only for the circumstances but mainly because of the quality of the tracks from someone with only 24 years… this is sad. I feel a deep emptiness inside of me because Rhys never listened the final tracks mastered. This feeling is something I can’t explain in words, and it is very difficult to carry with me. The next Monday after his death I was like out of my body, we had a mountain of work with the shipping of the 808 Box but I felt totally paralyzed, my wife Anais and I could hardly speak, we were speechless for some minutes, looking at the screen of the computer trying to understand what happened, then I decided I have to do what I said to Rhys only two days before, and I opened the player in my laptop and I started to work in the design for the cover with the music of Rhys in repeat mode. I was in front of the screen all day, printing many sketches and color variations.

“Only a few days ago we finally contacted with Aidan, the brother of Rhys (thanks Neil and Daniel for your help) and he allows us to release this album. We are honored to release this work in our label and we will try to give to this fantastic work as much exposure as possible. Most of you already know that Fundamental Records is only two persons, Anais and I, we are not a big label and our promotion capabilities are limited, for this reason we ask you for all your help for sharing this info to your social media or any other way, any help, even the most insignificant will be appreciated.

“I called Fundamental Records to our label for a very good reason and this project deserves this adjective in full effect. For the same reason, I also decided to release this album under the real name of the artist, Rhys Celeste and use his music name, Microlith, for the title.

“Ladies and Gents, may I introduce you:
MICROLITH, Written & Composed by RHYS CELESTE…

Alek Stark

Microlith is available now for download, with vinyl available on June 1. It will be available in two different versions:

Acid Green:
Flour green plexiglass jacket with two 12″ in yellow vinyl + 7″ black

Classic White
Classic white vinyl release, 2×12″ white records + 7″ black