Veteran producer Thomas Feriero is set to release his first album as Maenad Veyl. Hosted inside a sleeve designed with Tomaso Lisca are 12 tracks made of the same contained abrasion that marked his EPs for Death & Leisure, Veyl, and Pinkman. 

Feriero first ventured into electronic music in 2011 after spending his teenage years listening to Slayer and thinking of ways to never work a single day of his life. He’s since released as Avatism and CW/A and, at the beginning of 2018, after a small hiatus, he launched Maenad Veyl with a laser-sight focus inspired by the sounds of his earliest influences: hardcore punk, jungle, metal, and EBM. 

The project’s debut, a split EP on Oliver Ho’s (a.k.a Broken English Club) Death & Leisure with Years of Denial, was followed by Somehow, Somewhere They Had Heard This Before on Pinkman, and then a string of releases on his newly-founded label, Veyl

In advance of the album’s April 22 release, you can pre-order here and download “Unhealed” in full via the WeTransfer button below, or here for EU readers. 


01. Bleak

02. Unhealed

03. The Adversary

04. They Belonged With The Others

05. From Body To Body

06. Silent Blood

07. Twelve Regions

08. Out Of Sight

09. Heart Of A Machine

10. Solipsism And Other Comforts

11. Like A Locust

12. Permanent Disrepair