Though based primarily in Rio de Janeiro, DJ/producer Maga Bo is a man of the world—not only set on delving deep into the world’s many cultures, but consistently working on combining them within in his mixes and production work. Maga Bo’s methods, which usually include using his laptop, a microphone, and some local flavor, are showcased in full on his latest mixtape, Outras Terras. As to be expected, the mix is chock full of international rhythms, foreign tongues, and all sorts of incarnations of Maga Bo’s stellar, high-energy production work. Friends of the producer’s, the likes of Poirier, Jahdan Blakkamoore, and Filastine, also make appearances throughout the mix’s 18 tracks. You can download Outras Terrashere, and check out the mixtape’s tracklist below. Super-geeks can head here to check out the full artwork and a track-by-track description of the mix.

1. Coco Raízes de Arcoverde – “Ê Boi (Maga Bo Remix)”
2. Sonar Calibrado – “E Daí feat. Speed Freaks”
3. Filastine – “B’tallah (Maga Bo Remix)”
4. Sonar Calibrado – “Alesh feat. Jawad”
5. Maga Bo – “Longa Nahawand feat. Mohammed Issa Matona”
6. Sonar Calibrado – “Se Liga feat. Mario Z”
7. Pitcho – “Boucan (Maga Bo Remix of Dr. Das Bhajni Ragga Remix)”
8. X-Pensive Nframa – “Aunty Adoley (Maga Bo vs. Sabo Remix)”
9. Maga Bo – “Maga Traz a Lenha feat. Jahdan Blakkamoore”
10. Petrona Martinez – “El Critica (Maga Bo Remix)”
11. Maga Bo – “Kizomba; A Festa das Raças feat. BNegão”
12. Fletcher Meets Maga Bo feat. Neon Don – “Alleyways”
13. Maga Bo – “Ransom (Pacheko Remix)”
14. Jahdan Blakkamoore – “Earthshaking”
15. Maga Bo – “Nqayi feat. Teba”
16. Poirier – “Wha La La Leng feat. Face-T (Maga Bo Remix)”
17. Maga Bo – “La Paix feat. Xuman”
18. Jahdan Blakkamoore – “Rise Again feat. Abena Koomson”