Upon its release three years ago, Mahjongg‘s Raydoncong EP garnered a slew of live shows for the band, as well as captivated K Records founder Calvin Johnson, who signed the group to his now legendary label. We’ve heard little from the Chicago-based art-punk outfit since, but rumor has it a new full-length is on the way. Slated for release February 12, Kontpab will contain more of the post-industrial, afro-beat, art-pop that has various media outlets in full-on jock mode.

The band will also hit the road for its first headlining tour since 2005. If you were on the internet or read weeklies in 2005, it’s obvious that Mahjongg’s live shows we’re apparently life altering–and after hearing the final, 8-minute-plus track on Kontpab, “Rise Rice,” it’ safe to assume these forthcoming shows may redefine the term cathartic.

1. Pontiac
2. Problems
3. Kottbusser Torr
4. Tell The Police The Truth
5. Those Birds Are Bats
6. Wipe Out
7. Teardrops
8. Mercury
9. Rise Rice

Tour Dates
01/22 Cleveland, OH: Beachland Tavern
01/23 Buffalo, NY: Soundlab
01/24 Cambridge, MA: T.T. The Bears
01/25 Providence, RI: AS 220
01/26 Brooklyn, NY: Southpaw
01/27 Baltimore, MD: The Depot
01/28 Philadelphia, PA: Johnny Brenda’s
01/29 Columbus, OH: Skully’s Music Diner
01/31 Chicago, IL:Subterranean