Maintenant Festival will return to Rennes, France this year for its 17th edition.

Maintenant is an annual event that aims to present a snapshot of artistic contemporary creativity in visual arts, music, and new technologies. It’s described as “an adventure for the curious ones, an unprecedented urban path filled with intimate meetings and giant installations.”

On the agenda this year are various premieres, concerts, conferences, exhibitions, performances, and workshops—featuring 80 artists and 17 venues over six days.

Since 2001, the association Electroni[k] has been mindful of presenting disciplines and works to open emerging cultures and innovative art practices to the public. The presented works meet different audiences, in intimate venues as well as more collective and festive ones, on several territories. The association produces creations putting together arts, music, and technologies.

The complete lineup for this year’s edition is as follows:

Abdulla Rashim / Anthony Linell (se) •
Afroditi Psarra (gr)
Agathe Demois (fr)
Agathe Mercat (fr)
Airsouth (fr)
Andreas Trobollowitsch (at)
Apollo Noir (fr)
Baptiste La Barbe (fr)
Bérengère Amiot (fr)
Black Zone Myth Chant (fr)
Camille Duvelleroy (fr)
Chloé (fr) & Vassilena Serafimova (bg)
Christina Lumineau (fr)
Clara! (es)
Collectif Dynamorphe (fr)
Collectif Recif (fr)
Collectif BBB (fr)
Clémence Sabalic (fr)
Courtesy (dk)
Earl (fr)
Edith Depond (fr)
Elissa Cassini (fr/us)
Elodie Fiat (fr)
Erosie (nl)
Eszaid (fr)
Fanny Létiche (fr)
Florence Bost (fr)
Fraction (fr) & Starnault (qc-ca)
Gaëlle Pelachaud (fr)
Gisèle Morellec (fr)
Hélène Hingant (fr)
IDLV (fr)
Inga Mauer (ru)
Jankev (fr)
Jean Terechkova (fr)
Jean-Baptiste Le Clec’h (fr)
Jean-Jacques Birgé (fr)
Jean-Marc Méléard (fr)
Jesse Lucas (fr)
Julia Spiers (fr)
Kabaka (fr)
Karina Smigla-Bobinski (de-pl)
Kassem Mosse (de)
KCIV (fr)
Knappy Kaisernappy (fr)
LAAKE (fr)
Laura Jackson (us)
Leissen (fr)
Les Gordon (fr)
Louveteau 6.3 FM (fr)
Lucie Le Guen (fr)
Lucile Drouet (fr)
Martin Lambert (fr)
Mélanie Courtinat, Salomé Chatriot & Iseult Perrault (ch)
Morgan Daguenet (fr)
Myriam Bleau (qc-ca)
N.M.O. (es/no)
NSDOS (fr)
Orchestre Symphonique de Bretagne (fr)
Puzupuzu (fr)
Romain Coulon (fr)
Sandra Mellot (fr)
Sidney (fr)
Skuna (fr)
SKY H1 (be)
SoulBarex’ (fr)
V4W.ENKO (ua)
Vanadís (fr)
Varg (se)
Varvara & Mar (ee/es)
Vincent Godeau (fr)
Willow (uk)
Xavier Coadic (fr)
Yiannis Kranidiotis (gr)

This year’s 17th edition takes place from October 10 – 15 in Rennes, France, with more information available here.

Meanwhile, you can stream a mix compiled by Arnaud Stradamus, aimed to capture the sound of Maintenant. And you can find the tracklisting below.

01 Varg “Yamanote line”
02 Inga Mauer “I’ve nothing to say”
03 Eszaid “Glass rain”
04 KCIV “la nuit est belle”
05 Willow “Workshop 23 A1”
06 Les Gordon “Face à face”
07 Kabaka “Saa magni”
08 Fraction “planète humaine”
09 N.M.O. “RYLA Roma”
10 Abdulla Rashim “Endasilasie 1”
11 Kassem Mosse “Drift model”
12 LAAKE “Implode”
13 Airsouth “Illusion master”
14 Apollo noir “P.4.R.1.5”
15 Puzupuzu “Corruption”
16 Sky H1 “Air”
17 Black Zone Myth Chant “If God is not here”
18 Andreas Trobollowitsch “Ratt”
19 V4W.ENKO “Process two”
20 NSDOS “Translation”