Malin Genie will deliver his debut album, Anthropomorphic Sympathy, via his own Malin Genie Music imprint in September. 

The Dutch artist’s output both alone and as part of the Mandar trio has seen him gain worldwide recognition as a purveyor of raw and emotive house. This particular release stems from a period of extended isolation, having “created a place where I would isolate myself socially, having no interactions other than with a selection of instruments,” he explains. It follows last year’s Altrica Bloom EP. 

Across the album, Genie collates a collection of cuts encompassing his broad range of influences, from ambient-tinged tracks like “For Edmond Bellamy,” “Singularity,” “Korwar,” and “Lived II Time,” and hazy house cuts like “You” and “Sopine,” through to more dynamic electronica in “-*-,” “November Subitizing,” and “Anthropomorphic Sympathy.” There’s also a nod to more minimal aesthetics on “Dimlove.”

Anthropomorphic Sympathy LP lands on September 6, with “Empathy Master” streaming below. 


01. You 

02. Sopine 

03. Dimlove 

04. -*- 

05. Empathy 

06. For Edmond Bellamy 

07. Interlude 

08. Anthropomorphic Sympathy 

09. Singularity 

10. November Subitizing 

11. Juniper 

12. Lived II Time 

13. Allopoiesis 

14. Korwar