Jennifer Cardini‘s Correspondant label will release a new compilation featuring Man PowerMarvin & GuyRed Axes, and more names.

The 15-track release will be the label’s fifth compilation and six years, and sees Cardini assemble a selection of Correspondant’s core family (Red Axes, Javi Redondo), closest collaborators (Fort Romeau, Jonathan Kusuma), and newest friends (Marvin & Guy, Khidja, Kempes, Colli Alban) to “show the world that Correspondant has a synthetic heart of punk which pumps glacial disco through its frozen veins,” the label says.


01. Man Power “Perserverencia”
02. Khidja “Gelatine”
03. Borusiade “Not Harmed”
04. Jonathan Kusuma “Motor Melodies”
05. V “2001”
06. Zombies In Miami “Mithril”
07. Kempes “Sentimental Idiot”
08. Marvin & Guy “Juba Dance”
09. Colli Alban “Walking In The Night”
10. Javi Redondo “Heroin”
11. Uriah Klapter “Tone”
12. Yovav “Andiamo”
13. Red Axes “Earth Core”
14. Fort Romeau “Over Water”
15. Underspreche “Drumz”

Compilation 5 LP is scheduled for July 7 release.