Zaumne will release a new album on Manchester label sferic.

Zaumne is the alias of Polish sound artist Mateusz Olszewski, who blends elements from ambient, dub, minimalism, field recordings, and spoken word samples across his work, which he describes as “emo dub.” He released Élévation, his last album, in 2021 for Mondoj in Warsaw.

Parfum, Olszewski’s latest album, is an exercise in escapism and wandering on which he traces a line between fantasy and reality through vaporised dub-pop and dreamlike ambient.

“Fragrant atmospheres and dub-delayed ASMR balms are interspersed with wood-block chimes and frisson inducing, tip-of-the-tongue recitals of Baudelaire’s ‘Les Fleurs Du Mal,'” we’re told.

It features vocal cameos from YL Hooi and Metoronori, and the muted sax of Patrick Shiroishi.

The record is mastered by Miles Whittaker with photography by Kenji Ishikawa.


01. Voyageur
02. Sorcières feat. YL Hooi
03. Oeil Rouge
04. Éther
05. Tête
06. Nymphes
07. Ombres feat. Metoronori
08. Prairie feat. Patrick Shiroishi
09. Fantôme

Parfum LP is scheduled for July 7 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “Sorcères” featuring YL Hooi below.