Given that the name of their band came to them in a dream, it comes as no surprise that the title of Swedish group Mando Diao’s third album, Ode to Ochrasy, similarly refers to dreamlike states. “Ochrasy” denotes the grey area between dream and reality, specifically, the time experienced after the after-party and before the next day. The record itself deals thematically with the title, while musically it strolls down the band’s familiar path of garage rock and mystical, psychedelic influence.

Previously garnering plenty of attention from the likes of Rolling Stone, Filter, and Magnet, the band has remarkably updated their approach with Ochrasy. Friend and retro-psych hipster Bjorn Olsson helped the group renew their focus on the concept of the album, encouraging them to view it as a fractal whole, rather than merely the sum of its parts. Taking Olsson’s suggestions to heart, the band produced the album themselves.

Having toured from Europe to Japan with bands like Hellacopters, Kent, and The Bravery, Mando Diao is ready to come to the US for an extensive Spring tour, including an appearance at the South By Southwest festival in Austin, TX.

Ode to Ochrasy is out April 24, 2007 on Mute.

1. Welcome Home Luc Robitaille
2. Killer Kaczynski
3. Long Before Rock’n’roll
4. The Wildfire
5. You Don’t Understand Me
6. Tony Zoulias
7. Amsterdam
8. TV & Me
9. Josephine
10. The New Boy
11. Morning Paper Dirt
12. Good Morning Herr Horst
13. Song for Aberdeen
14. Ochrasy