Maeve will soon release a triple-vinyl various artist compilation featuring tracks from label founders Mano Le Tough and The Drifter, plus outside contributions from Isolée, Aera, and more names. 

Heavy Rotations Vol. 1 is Maeve’s first venture into the long-player format. We’re told that releasing a compilation has long been an ambition of the label, but”time was the key component in producing a record we could all be proud of,” the label explains. 

We’re told that contributors were given “no brief, just a blank canvas to contribute something they felt belonged on the label.” The focus was also on using the record as a “platform for lesser-known artists to showcase their work.” It has taken two years to compile. 

The label will we will launch the record at Funkhaus Berlin with a lineup compiled of those who contributed to the compilation.


A1. Mattheis “PT4”

A2. Aera “Glass Channel”

B1. Isolée “No Let”

B2. Dokumn “Come for You”

C1. Ed Davenport “Mendocino”

C2. The Drifter “Three Words Max”

D1. Human Space Machine “Mitochondri”

D2. Oliver Deutschmann “The Infidel”

E1. Mano Le Tough “An Hour In The Morning”

F1. Nathan Jonson “There’s A Pink In There”

F2. Kev Sheridan “Samhain”

Heavy Rotations Vol. 1 will land on June 8, with clips below.