Jan Barich (a.k.a Map.ache), a longtime resident DJ of Leipzig’s Conne Island and part of the reliably great KANN label and the Manamana DJ duo, will soon present Perception Shift /A, his first release on Altin Village & Mine.

After his lauded 2015 Giegling debut, being remixed by Dixon, and contributing to the Permanent Vacation compilation series, joining the AVM roster is only a seemingly surprising move for Map.ache, considering the label’s long-standing relationship with dance music and previous remixes done by Map.ache for the label’s The Robocop Kraus and PTTRNS.

For Perception Shift /A—which was produced at Barich’s studio in Leipzig and mastered by Josh Bonati in New York City—Barich worked his way through the label’s back catalog and remixed four of its recent releases, namely Skeletons’ “All I Want is You,’ Phoebe Killdeer & The Shift’s “Let’s Talk A Good Story,” Urban Homes’ “Tropical Jam,” and Sven Kacirek’s “Turkey Dance).


01. Skeletons “All I Want Is You” (Map.ache Remix)
02. Phoebe Killdeer & The Shift “Let’s Talk A Good Story” (Map.ache Remix)
03. Urban Homes “Tropical Jam” (Map.ache Remix)
04. Sven Kacirek “Turkey Dance” (Map.ache Remix)

Perception Shift /A is scheduled for March 31 release